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Focus: Safety Equipment/Gears

Safety First

Protective gear ensures a worker’s safety in any kind of project, be it a high rise construction, road side works, industrial plant set up, in places where manufacturing activities are carried out, even a normal workplace where there can be risk to one’s life owing to the complexities of the operations involved. The safety concerns are on the rise in India compared to earlier days when rules remained only on paper. More stringent safety procedures are likely to be adopted once projects such as nuclear power generation comes to the fore. The need for safety devices/equipment even comes from the households in terms of safety locks, door alarms, electronic safes, door safety locks, door security device, electric door locks, electromagnetic door locks etc. The safety equipment is not only needed for the individuals executing a task which carries a risk to life, it does include devices which helps in protecting or safeguarding the assets. The term safety and security are most often interchangeably used in common parlance. Safety is protection against random incidents. Random incidents are unwanted incidents that happen as a result of one or more coincidences. Security is protection against intended incidents. Wanted incidents happen due to a result of deliberate and planned act.


The safety equipment/devices or gadgets include road safety products, electronic safety devices, reflective jackets/belts/gloves, solar studs/ delineators, speed bumps (Rubber/ABC), delineator and reflectors, barricading tapes / reflective tapes, Safety Shoes, fire extinguishers, fire fighting equipments, fire hydrants, alarm control panels, fire alarm control panels, wireless fire alarm systems, wireless panels, alarm systems, building fire alarm systems, domestic fire alarm systems, industrial fire alarm systems, safety fire alarm metal detectors and electronic/solar chevron. Some of the types are listed below:

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The product range included under this category are traffic cones, delineator posts, guide posts, water filled barrier systems, speed bumps, convex mirrors, flexible posts, corner guards, parking blocks, safety fence, inspection mirror etc.


Many such protective gears are available which can provide utmost protection from head-to-toe. helmet, face mask, safety googles, safety eye wear, ear plugs, ear defenders, gloves such as leather, nitrile, knitted, latex, pvc, pu coated, cryogenic, light & heavy weight work wear, culinary garments, medical garments, mix-n-match, forest wear, winter wear, adventure clothing, anti-static garments, fire proximity and safety shoes.


These devices provide security against the possible dangers arising from electricity. These devices generally include stabilisers, servo controls, UPS, emergency lights, computer guards, electronic elevator safety devices, control modules, alarm control modules, electronic switching unit, warning lights, telecom tower lights, led flashing lights, twin lights, light emitting dio, sensor and light controller.

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The safety equipment & gears are generally used in industries like Oil & Gas Industry, Railways, Pharmaceuticals, Architectural, Engineering, Construction & Infrastructure, Power, Mining, Railways, Steel, Automobile and in almost all sectors. These are also used by personnel involved in transport sector and by defence forces.


The construction and mining sector are the ones which falls in the high risk zone wherein the usage of protective gear and safety equipment is widely recommended. The devices/equipments used are mainly Fall Protection devices, Lanyard, Karabiners, Energy absorber, Safety Kits, Height Safety - Rescue, Stretchers, Retractable Fall Arresters, Lifting Pulley - Material handling and accessories, Eye Wash Fountain, Combination Unit, Safety Showers, Portable Units Life Jackets/Life Buoys, Sports Life Jacket, Industrial Helmets, Welding Helmets/Hand Shields Chemical Splash-Proof Goggles, Face Shields, Fire fighting nozzles, Portable & remote controlled monitors, Victim Location System, Under Vehicle Inspection System and Life Detector, Wireless Video System, Floto Pump - Compressed Air Foam System (CAFS), Chain Saws, Hedge Trimmers, Brush Cutters, Power Brooms Height Safety Training Microtunneling, Directional Drilling, Oilfield & Pumps, Mining - Roadheaders, Drilling & Tunneling. Self Dispensing station, etc.


The National Policy on Safety, Health & Environment at Workplace declared by Government of India on 20th February, 2009 during the Indian Labour Conference aims at securing the health and safety of the workers in the country and extends to all sectors i.e. the organized and the unorganized.


The safety equipment industry in India is largely unorganised and dominated mainly by small and medium enterprises. Some of the industry contacts are:

1) Evergreen Sales, Ahmedabad, Gujarat,
T: 079-22147561, M: 09510373231

2) Frontier Polymers Pvt Ltd, New Delhi,
T: 011-41622733, F: 41679398

3) Mallcom (India) Ltd, Kolkata, West Bengal,
T: 033-40161000. F: 40161010

4) SangSneh Enterprises Pvt Ltd, Vadodara, Gujarat,
M: 09909944359

5) Star Enterprises, Mohammad Arif, Pune, Maharashtra,
T: 020-27652686, M: 09422027420

6) Udyogi International Pvt Ltd, Kolkata, West Bengal,
T: 033-22251470, M: 09831207737

7) Unicare, Mumbai, Maharashtra,
T: 022-24227578, F: 24306044

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