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Focus: Road Sector



Unedited views of the respondents are provided as under:

Ashif M, Civil Engineer, Faid Al Barkat Trad Services
The bad conditions of road in Indian metro cities is mainly due to corruption. For Corruption we cant only blame on politicians, its because whole our system is corrupt including the above said factors. its my opinion being a civil engineer                                   

B. D. Mohta, Director, Apex Surveyors Pvt. Ltd.
The BBMP corprators should periodically inspect their area and book the erring contractors for sub-standard materials and jobs done and not maintaing the roads by the contractors. They should be penalised for the lapses as residents are paying taxes and entitled for comforts as the tax payers pays the money.  The life's of citizens are at risk by not taking proper action at right time. The Counsilors must take immediate prompt action to set right the road condition and periodically reviews the condition and take proper action for repais to damage.                          
S.Vidyanand, Project Associate(Civil Engg.) IIT-M,Chennai
The best way is to avoid potholes on Indian metro cities is just.....
"Pothole Free Indian Politician".....                                

Saad Kaleem, Partner, S.A Components
The cause for the frequent potholes on the Ondian Roads is that the self interest has overpowered the Greater interest of the nation. The roads are constructed in such a manner that they frequently require repair so that the state coffers are looted by the politicians and the Municipal corporations , leaving little for the Road Contractors to work with and the Road Contractor in order to maximise his profits uses substandard materials and Obsolete Technology.                               

S.Krishnan Kutty, Marine Engineering, Consultant Self-emloyed
The condition of many of the roads is unbelievable! What ever be the reason for the sad state of affairs, it is not acceptable! The least the concerned authorities can do is to attend to the pot-holes as soon as they start appearing. It will cost very little to repair them at that time and it will stop further deterioration. There should be a team ( flying repair squad) to attend to the damages as and when they start appearing. But what is really needed is a genuine concern on the part of the persons concerned.                               

Azhar, Sr. Executive Engg, GVK
The conditions of the roads are poor due to improper material used and no use of subgrade materials below the asphaltic roads. also, while laying of paver blocks on roads there is no soling done below which results in poor base and thus sinking the roads. Municipal corporation should should do proper testing and supervision of the materials and road constructed. A newly constructed asphaltic road should have a minimum depth of 450mm with mateials like GSB, WMM, DBM and then AC. Proper specification should be provided for coontractors. Also if repairing of potholes is done, each pothole should not be filled one at a time but commplete area asphalt should be removed and the repairing should be done.                             

Bhawarlal, Director, Sunway Opus
The contractors and the officials should be punished with stringent laws for the poor quality construction of roads. The contractors and the officials should be rewarded after one year if the quality of the road remains the same. This should be evaluated by an independent reputed agency like CRISIL etc.,both at the time of release of amounts towards their bill and at the time of giving the rewards.                          

Durga Chandra Mohanty, Procurement Officer, HCC
The contractors are using substandard materials and low quality also.  Not quality checked by higher authority properly.  The contractors are free to operate and excute the work on his own.                         

Kailash V Reddy, Asst Manager, Bredco
The corrupt politicians are appointed by us , so end of the day the most responsible person is me or in general the people who are resigned.                                 

Jefna, Manager, Chempha
the defaulter should be punished heavily                                   

Taher, Technical Development Engineer, G.M.Kenjale Constructions
The Lead problem is corrupt politicians and road contractors joining hands with them. there is enough technological support available in India, but still we are the only country who spends least on research and development in such big budget projects. It is highly evident to the users that the material being used is substandard and even the quality of workmanship. But these politicians and road contractors wont accept the newer technologies which can give us better long lasting and safer roads.                          

B.Kalidasan, Proporiter, Makeswari Designs & Constructions
The main reason is corrupt politicians.If the work done by a private contract,the quality of the road is maintained.In Govt contract,the contractor and official engineers must adjust with the corrupted politician.                            
Praveen, Civil Engg, Ultratech
the muncipal corporation should take strict action against contractors for proper laying and good maintenance of roads                          

Umesh Shoney, Director, Purelec Carbon India Pvt. Ltd.
The municipal corporation frames rules which ensure quick degradation of the roads. For instance if someone needs to cut up a portion of the road, I understand the municipality recovers an x amount for relaying the road at a future date. This may happen at a very distant future by which time the road would have totally gone to the dogs. Instead if they insisted that the cut up portion of the road should be properly cemented/concreted then the balance of the road would not degrade as fast as it does.
Road contractors it is said use inferior materials to make for the losses on account of out of pocket expenses for getting the contracts, so the question of using better technology simply does not arise.

About politicians nothing needs to be said, whole the world is aware of them.                             

Sukanta, Prof. IIT Kharagpur
The municipal should see and supervise the road work, which they never do because they are bribed by contractors not to do it. The contractots also use substandard material and they do not sue requisite amount of tar that should go to the road. As a result just in one rain the road develops a pot hole. The municipal management is entirely to be blamed for this.                          

Ashok Kumar, Civil Engineer, Haryana Govt.
the piece meal planning of road projects on the basis of availability of restricted funds.Non execution of related infrastructure i.e water ,telephone,electric,gas or any other underground pipeline  etc and further use of substandard materials due to nexus of politicians,contractors and senior level officers not held responsible for quality of work and shifting of quality oriented officer/officials on recommendation of contractors and mentally torturing them.Further  less  availability of  maintenance funds and utilisation of maintenance gangs for house hold works and so  on.                             

A.Sridhar, Consultant, Shrikari Associates 
the problem lies with the Political body incharge of the department , the Government agency executing , the agency executing and at the same time the agencies monitoring the qualitycontrol & Audit of the works . Thus it is the collective effort of all the above people . For preventing this first transperancy should be there from the fisrt step of preparation of the schedules along with basis for the proposed estimates , where most of the works fails due to line estimates are considered without any detailed analysis & estimates of the proposed works . this is due to the basically lack of investigation wings with supportive equipment & budgetory support . here again the political body plays a key role in fixing the directionof the schedules in many ways . there is lot more things . but by this time u would have got some idea .                            

Ashok kumar, Proprietor, Hermes Enterprises Corporation
The problem:
The greatest fault is in the specifications provided for the building of roads.
The second greatest fault is in the actual construction costs allowed being only a fraction of the true costs, and the burden of kick backs to the principals, making the true expenditure on the construction being the paltry balance left for the contractor.
But equally important is the overloading of the commercial vehicles that place a burden on the road that was not considered in the approved specifications.

The solution:
To specify road construction grades according to the true loads carried by commercial vehicles, and the true speeds at which they operate.
It is pointless to persist in policing overloading, especially as the newer commercial vehicles being introduced with Government support, provide for increasing loads.

Let us face the fact that:
Present commercial vehicles are often overloaded by 50 to 75%.
To appoint a consultant to determine fair prices and to monitor construction to ensure compliance with the specifications.                                   

J.Xavier, Finance SCAD
The reason for potholes is lack of technology, estimate preparation, lack of rates. Day by day the rates are increased very fast. Meanwhile the corruption is department heads. The contractors also not doing the duty correct                                

Sunny Joseph, Administration Officer, Ahmad Aluthman & Bros
The road contractors are getting approval from municapal corporation through bribary to construct a road.Itis natuaral that he will try to get his big margin.therefore he will do the job without any standard methord and thus road will get spoiled within limited time. so i blame the nearest management who approves the contract.                              

V S Gogate, AGM, Tata Technologies
The roads should be certified by a group of citizens in the area. The commitee should also ensure that the roads are well maintained otherwise they should report it to the concerned municipal officer.                             

Salil Mitbander, Manager, Chandra International
the rot is in the system. when a tender is awarded it is given to the lowest bidder and as such times the winner is always somebody who will unscrupulously go about his way. One stretch of road shall be properly laid and the balance shall be a shoddy job work. Even the mixture of sand, stone and cement is sent for a six at times leading to cemented roads getting gaping holes within six months of commiisioning.The whole system needs a refix and the so called procedure of fining contractors shoud be doen away with and the said contractors be balclisted along with the promoters.                            

Indtrajeet Mandal, C.E.O, Eastern TradeLinks & Projects
THE VERY PROBLEM OCCURS AT THE GROUND LEVEL FROM WHICH THE SYSTEM GET PRONE TO THE TOP MOST. As there is change of hands of corruption points, the contractor gives least importance to the materials in use as they feel it all granted that their bills will get auto-release from the authority;the authority gives least to technology as they too feel that there is nobody to question them at any point; the authority gives least to the procedures as they too feel that their top persons are hungry to divert funds at the earliest & are least informed about the actual causes/procedures/technology & ground level situation.So unless there comes responsibility & awareness at the very top & Bottom level,alike situations is to continue...Nobody can prevent these. BYE.                               

Jyothis S, Assistant Engineer, District Panchayat Offive,Trivandrum
The way of agreement executing must change...must execute 5year maintenance period to contractor.

Provide proper side drains for draining of water wherever necessary.
At time of making estimate department must provide all necessary provisions for the proper copmletion of the road.
Technology we are practising must updated.
Material we are using in the site should be of proper quality and quantity.
Quality should be look after by the department with properly maintained quality control register for everywork.
Politicians are just thinking ABOUT THEIR COMMISION,they are not thinking about the use of road,how it helps common people.
Contractors should take a firm decission that they must not quote below the estimate.If they do so,department must get a written letter from the contractor  about how they are going to execute.                           

Pravin Lal Thirwani, Associate Chief Manager, Godrej & Boyce Mfg. Co. Ltd.
RMC The whole system needs a cleansing..                               

K S RAO, Head-Railways/Delhi Aarvee Associates
There is a command area already identified for each divisional engineeer.IT is suggested that somebody responsible should inspect his juridiction and make a log of deficiency/ repair required.

This shall than be delt with the contractor, ifin maintanece period or in house resources based on the condition. But this should be resolved by next day, so as during next day he shold confirm that repair has been done in the inspection

photograps/ videos of fault, repiar work process and completion should be kept on report to avaoid any malpractice / misuse of system.                               

Mr. M S Nair, Country Manager, Villeroy and Boch Sales India Pvt Ltd
There is absolutely no accountability on behalf of the municipal corporation, which carries on doing the same thing with impunity every year.                              

S.K.Agarwal, Director, S.K.Gupta pvt ltd
there is total  unconciousness towards the issue by all including pulic                             

Radhakrishnan Nair, PP, JSO Instrumentation Ltd
There must be honesty, sincerity& dedication in every sphere of like by every citizon of this country and we must develop a culture like that prevailing among the people of Japan.                           

Ashish, ASN, 3M 
There should be a system by which a minimum period should be ensured from the contractors during which the roads should remain in perfect condition.All the authorities involved with road construction should be brought under the hammer if the roads are poorly laid.                         

N.K. Basheer, Manager, Chiyoda Petrostar Ltd.
There should be guaranteperiodfromthe contractor and a public committeeshouldbeformed under the general public from each locality to monitor the quality of constructionof roads.

Shirish Shah,
There use to be a time when contractors were asked to maintain the roads for a period up to five years after the asphalt roads were done and my memory says that there were never as many problems of potholes as we have now.

The other issue is that the engineering staff is not made accountable for such issues. How is it that a carpet laid at night gets loose in the next twenty four hours. Its visible for everyone to see that the potholes repairs are done most un-engineering way and is unsupervised and also without any equipment by manual just feeling the potholes. There should be more accountability with the staff and the contractors and severe penalty.

Besides the MCGM should plan for utilities not for just one year but for next 50 years and laying the pipes is just not adequate. All the utility providers/suppliers should be made to bear the brunt of cost and run down roads. They just can’t dig the road lay the utility on surface at will without any planning and haphazardly and run away.

Does MCGM really want to solve the problem?

An NGO wanted to do the road development in D ward at their own costs including provision for facilitating utilities provision for 50 years and maintaining for 5 years. Guess what the MCGM is sitting on the file for 3 years and pen pushing even though the presentations and discussions are held at all levels including commissioners, engineering staff, traffic dept, etc. !!! It seems that MCGM does not want and will not allow any one to do good for the residents of city save and except their staff and corporator’s, politicians.                             

Ashis Kumar Patra, Sr. Manager, Maccaferri-india
These are the common probable causes for above problem:
1.         Poor drainage

2.         Increase in traffic volume and traffic loads

3.         Contamination of road material and Insufficient strength

4.         Short term design

5.         Poor existing soil properties

6.         Defects in construction method and technique.

To control the potholes point no. 1 is very much responsible.

•           Undesired water can lead to damage to pavements

•           The pore water pressure built-up in subgrade may lead to pavement permanent failure

•           Loss of subgrade support

•           Reduction of granular layer stiffness

Remedial measures can be adapted: Geosynthetics can introduce in Pavements for Improved service life, Better drainage arrangement and load carrying capacity, Cost effective and high durability

Subodh Gattani, Proprietor, Standards
They all form a chain for personal n-ethical gains.                                  

Ashok Chauhan, Senior Engineer, Larsen and Toubro
THEY ARE NOT TAKING CARE OF THE THING WHICH ARE MADE                                

Dines Kandpal, Export Manager, G M Fabrics
They are the starting point for failure in the system. If they enforce strict rules & regulations on the contractors to do quality work using quality material and right technology, there is no way these problems will resurface again.                  

Jacob John, Sole Proprietor, Jacob John and Co
Think about our  next generation find constructive noval ideas which feels sometimes utopian thoughts to certain people,leave it .My self is concerned i am state exicutive member and distri

Ranasingh, Manager, Essar Tech.
This a nexus between all of all the people/organizations given by you as above.There should be local relevant people involvement(not linked with above group) for this purpose.And there should be transparency in the procedure,can available to normal public.                          

Prachet K Mishra, Govt. Service Govt. Service
This is an excellent idea to get opinion poll from the general public.                               

Ramalingam K, GM, Nichias

This is joint effort by all invloved to see the work is substandard so that politicians nexus with contactors    is weel manitained by greasing of money always

The alloted fund by any agency can be misused always and there is no end to these kind of welfare measures unless these all are privitaised or with warranty/enality clause for any minor damage                                

D K Gupta, General Manager, Electrical MSP Metallics Ltd., Jharsuguda
This is only because of using substandard material and high degree of corruption involved for alloting tenders.                           
R.K.Khabya, Tec.Engg. Raps-NPCIL

Arvind Joshi, Self employed, Architect A. V. Joshi
Though I could have voted for the "All of the above", it is ultimately the responsibility of the Municipal Corporation.

For: 1) The process of tendering begins with it;

        2) In the tenders there is always provision of Specifications, of proper       materials, methods, supervision, quality check, certifying the bills for payments, and/or rejection as well as defects liability period.

        3) Rest is just bad follow up.                                

Kuldeep, Sr.Civil Engineer, VPA & Associates
to resolve the problem people vote only right candidate in election who select qualified team of engineers ,contractors for construction of our Roads with advance technology & standard material without any corruption.                          
Sunil Rishi, Prop, Vidya Enterprises
To start with this start from municipal corporation who give contact to make road
who don't know the any type of experience and new technology and use substandard material behind this are the corrupt politician who handle the muncipal corporations so I feel its the above mentioned chain who is responsible of all the mess.

Pradeeo Gupta, Ombudsman, IBM
To start with, in my opinion it is the usage of substandard material that is to be blamed for the pathetic conditions of the roads. While it appears our technology on the one side is old fashioned backed additionaly with fact that corrupt politicians andmunicipal corporators hand and glove with road contractors want funds sanctioned time and again, so as to be able to misappropriate funds for personal interests.

I guess it would be best, if we could try using private construction agencies like Larsen & Tubro, however under strict guidance so that the product delivered could be tried and tested before decisions taken for the future.    

Ravi Manager, MCB,
To tackle the pot holes the following steps will reduce the misery to the public and minimize the public fund expenses.
1. A task force equipped with mobile gang  on move and plugging any pot hole as they set in at the first sight.

2. A log report of work done-Contractor/building organization-date of completion-projected life of the work-officer in-charge of the job-complaint no. for any problem be available at sight.

This will deter all substandard work to a large extent                               


Vijayakumar, Dy.Director, FIEO, 
Total blame will go against the Muncipal Corpn. and the politicians since they are not paying full payment and they take 50% of the total cost, and how the road contractors will do the needful they have to use substandard material, we should not blame to the contractor, it is not only my comment, but every body will say the same thing. What purpose the mC people are doing.
even daily i coming to office by dtc bus. at wazirpur depo they are not starting the 479 bus which was earlier, now they have shifted to punjabi bagh.

you just study: thru punjabi bagh 567/568/569 plenty of bus running including 442/479. and other 3/4 limited buses.

why they have changed the 479 from wazirpur to punjabi bagh? At wazirpur depo the entire rohini people use to change the bus from this stop -Wazirpur depo.

Simiarly they have changed the route From Aventika to Medical bus route, this earlier it was going/coming via wazirpur depo now they have shifted this route thru rani bagh.

kindly send a representation on behalf of our Wazirdepo peole please ask them to change the 479 from punjabi bagh to Wazirpur Depo

Atleast in the morning upto 9 a.m. and evening upto 7.30.

kindly do this favour

thanks and regards

jai mata di                                

Bharti Nair, Assistanta Manager (Corp.Admn), Ador Welding Limited
Unless and untill the corrupt politicians are not removed out of our system all the above criterias can not be made to change, because of these courrupt politicians road contractors are forced to use substand material and technologoy and BMC not to mention, better, infrastructure of our counrty will keep going from bad to worst and public made to suffer.                                   

Syamal Barman, Team Leader, Aarvee Associates
Unless the nexus between the Contractors & the Responsible Engineers are removed, Indian roads will never get rid of Potholes.                                 

K Arjun Raj, Student(Civil Engg), Mahatma Gandhi Institute Of Technology
untill and unless the conditions in our change we cant hope for a better nation in all aspects

Prashant Khale, Trainer and Consultant Khale Brothers and Company
we all need changes. Like Narendra Modi from Gujarat we required a Leader like him then only it will happend.

Virendra Singh, Asset Manager, Quippo Construction Eqpt Ltd
we are all thieves ,playing better than thou game , are all people involved in the loot not members of our society , when we go for something  higher how many of have guts to ask ourselves where this big money came from ,we see daily people appreciating respected ANNA HAZARE JI for his crusade against corruption ,fine let us not make a foreign hand responsible for all maladies affecting our society ,so let us wake up and search our innerself and find answers to the question of corruption ,every one of us has to cleanse our innerself to get rid off greed and short cuts to glory every one big or small is involved  so stop blaming others and clear your conscience                          


Krishna Kumar Agrawal, Managing Director, K. K. Agrawal & Associates Pvt. Ltd

We are in a piquant situation of a wide spread character deterioration and very low value system in each one of us, at all levels, in all segments and amongst all members of families, in our society.


Leadership to eradicate this such a widespread and formidable problem is totally missing. Yet there is always a solution to even rocklike problems.

What is important is to work out a strategy in all ernestness, starting with macro-level planning, breaking it down to micro level implementation parallely at large number of places/areas/situations, by certain committed people without wanting to involve Govt. and proceeding with confidence, patience and perseverance and faith in Almighty.

Some groups should start at people in commanding levels and top positions of organisations, groups and politically affiliated .

Simultaneously, we have developed plans for comprehensive development of rural segment of our country without state having to give aid. This will boost the GDP also very high besides real help to the deprived. If required, we may make our paper available.                        

A Mookherjee, Head Manufacturing Engg & Tech. and Facilitry Mamagement, L&T  MHI , Hazira 
We have a very common problem in Indian Cities , be in urban or rural. This problem is owing to unrealistic budget , corrupt officials who probally has a share and poor inspection of the quality of repair or the laying done.

We all know , but it goes on for ever. We are also to be blamed , as we endure the consequence and continue with the agony.

It is time to wake up !!

Balraj Joshi, General Manager, NHPC ltd
We have been conventionally poor in technology in every sphere of our activity. The roads only show on a daily basis.

Prajosh, Q.C, Josh,
We have money, technologies, engineers, workers all n all..
but nothing going in the right way
politicians, engineers and contractors all are working in an understanding, forgetting about the quality of work and money granted for the work going to their pockets and tarring roads like painting....
we all must protest against this....
a commission for governing and controlling the quality of road development works is a must. they should take strict actions against this corruption.

Chaula Trivedi Associate, Tushar Desai Associates
We need proper quality check & control audits along with stringent punishment for the erring contractor / official to ensure we have internal standard roads                             

Nirmal Mallick, CEO, NDWML
We need to revamp our systems and processes.                                   

Arif Babamiya Qureshi, HOD(Technical), Techflow Engineer’s(I) Pvt Ltd.
We should bring the system in which While Contracting the Road development project clause of road maintenance for 25 year with free of cost should be added.This will inforce the contractor to make the quality road which will be in good position for at least 25 years.                          

Sukhdev Sharma, Site Engineer, Shyam Indus Power Solution Pvt. Ltd.
Well basically all option are responsible for condition of Indian roads  but the base of this reason is our corrupt politicians.                                   

Nadeesan Panickar, Administrator, MBM



Santhosh, Market segment Executive, Hilti
When corrupt officials and politicians has not taken Anna Hazaare and entire nations seriously, I dont think how much of an effect this opinion survey will help                                 

Bheemesh Chowdary Kacharagadla, CMD, Kacharagadla Media Corporation
when municipal corporation system maintenance strictly, automatically settled other departments.                                   

P. Raju Iyer, Consultant, PRI Consultants
When Roads are laid, within a month Electricity Board or Water Works or Cable Operatiors dig the new road so that it can become worse than before.

Political parties in the name "welcome Banners" dig pathholes on both sides and middle of the road and after removing the holes remain.

Contractors themselves may be involing or instigating these, so that the defects WILL NOT be notices and again can get the maintenance contract and make & Grease palms of politicians.

Private people also while laying waterline or underground Electricity cable dig the road and doesnot close.  If someone questions the standard reply will be that paid money to Municipality for getting permission.                                

Ramesh Iyer, DGM-Purchase, Peninsula Land Ltd.
When we can make an Express highway from Panvel to Pune and maintain it effectively without Pot Holes there is no reason why we cannot do it for other roads. Where there is a will there is a way.                         

Anil Kaul, Sr.Manager, ICT Pvt. Ltd.
Whenever the pot holes starts developing on theroad they are not being attended immediately, whenever those are repaired they are being done with inferior materials and without proper methodology.this results in further damage of the road.                              

Sundararaju, Mech Engineer, Heidelbergcement india ltd.
which is need full to get proper road facilities in our India.which causes to avoid road accident,and sufficient economic cost of transporter.
most of the gulf countries they where utilizing for their road by our Indian manpower,Indian machinery,Indian management.
but we have to think technologies it seems they where given consultancy to Europeans.

Krishnamoorthi KV, Chief Executive, Samrat Furnaces Pvt Ltd
Whole responsibility of deciding contractors, their work quality and efficiency , is on Munipal Corporation. Hence, other reasons like Road contractors, Technology in use, Substandard Material, can be controlled by Muncipal corporation.

Next goes to corrupt Politicians!                                   

Joseph Fonseca, Correspondent, Maritime Professional
Why should only road be featured? What about footpaths where most of the population spends their travel time.

G S Thirumalai, Retired
Central Government widespread corruption amongst the administration officials and the contractors is responsible for this situation                                   

Jayaram, M D,  Rasi Hospital
Wish India s infrastructure to improve and become the best                               

Rohit Khandelwal, Dy.Manager, Binani Cement Ltd
WOnderful issue.It helped t update and upgrade the knowledge.                         

Kailash jain, Mechanical  Engineer, Totem Infra Limited
worst quality of raw material is using  therefore  the condition is like that                         

Dasarathi Nahak, Plumber Instructor Op Jcc,Opp Of Circuit House, Angul
yes i agreeing that all such departments are responsible for this                         

Javith Hussain, Engineer, LG
All the above bled y Fuckers  are the responsible for that. one more thing is there is no co-ordination  beween the Municipal corporation  and electical and telephone. chennai
is having  most worst roads.



*Respondents comments are made in personal capacity and should not be taken as the view of the company they represent.

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