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Focus: Road Sector



Unedited views of the respondents are provided as under:

Sree.Harish, Senior Position Marketing Manager, Cement House
People do protest about said infrastructure problems near their envirnoment to the Municipal,Road contractors,Techno;ogy in use,Substandard material,Corrupt policiticans,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

But the real clurpit are the people who on the network and are't visiable on phyical protesr becauce the infrastructure is reality not a reelity.

Srinivas Harish

Muneer, CEO, Periyar Techno Construction
please send to us all above                              

T Jagan Mohan Kumar, AGM-HR, MSPL Limited
Political interference while finalizing the tenders should be avoided.  The bureaucrats should apply commoncense and curtail the interference of politicians. In case, if any political threats would be there, they should come-up infront of e-Media.                             

R. Seetharaman, Chief General Manager, Neyveli Lignite

Kshama Handa,  Deputy General Manager, Godrej & Boyce Mfg Co. Ltd
Politicians, alongwith employees of BMC take bribe to pass the tender. Looking at the amounts which pass hands the contractor is left with no option but to use substandard material to recover the money. Also the road work has to be done every year as all concern ensure annual income by this method.                         

Vijay Bishnoi, Director, Vijay Ferromet Pvt Ltd
politicions are corrupt then municipal also corrupt then road contractors use low standard material. akeher  sab ko hisa % dena hai. thay are also fix.                                

Narendra Mohan, Project Director
Poor workmanship main cause and poor drainage                                  

Bikram Kumar, Manager, Hindustan Construction Co. Ltd
pot hole reason corruption at every level. If we end corruption, end of pot holes.                        

Thirmalaiah, S.E.(R&B)Rted, State Govt of A.P.
Pot holes will form mainly due to in proper drainage and using sub standard materials during construction of road.                                  

Peeyush Naidu, Director, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu India Private Limited
Potholes appearing frequently on roads in Indian metro cities are unfortunately on account of a number of factors like poor / inadequate quality specification and adherence to / monitoring of the same by government agencies and municipal corporations, reduction in quality of inputs and technology by contractors to cut costs, and no redressal of the situation due to corruption in the system.                              

Sharmila Y. Shetty, Secretary, Snehal AC & R Engg. Pvt. Ltd
Potholes are the issues which is highlighted  few days before rainy season and during heavy rain, this issue is never dealt seriously, this year only we saw lot of deaths and accidents due to potholes. The corporation only does a few patch and leaves behind the road which are good but the patches keep on giving trouble due to uneven leveling.                            

Anand Sharma, Sr. Manager, SMC
Potholes mainly depends upon substandard material used and poor drainage. If proper drainage is made substandard material road can withstand for a longer period. Drainage conditions mainly must be improved which depends on site condition, decision making agencies etc                                    

Rohan, Partner, Diamart
Potholes on our road,fill their pockets....!!!                                

Harshavardhan A.K, Lecturer, VVCE
Potholes seem to appear out of nowhere. Roads get dug up for pipes and cables and for some ... commuter in every Indian metro. This means that at any time of the year, we need to be ... the same city roads, they can cause slight depressions, called ruts, on the ... braking because skidding can make you fall off your bike. ...

Abdul Vaseem, Managing Partner, RDR Consultant
Previously only checking staff are involved in commition after adding government taxes and over head & profit only 50% amount was used in work .Due to interfarance from local level politician they demand 5-10% of contract value and we have to take supplier from there contect they supply inferer quality material in leser quantity cost further jump the cost of material result project cost jump or less expense on work.                                  

D. L. Rambhia, Citizen of Mumbai
Primarily corruption is evolving due to greed and desire to become overnight millionaire. Since politics has become a full-fledged profession, all sorts of elements are jumping in to politics to make the fast buck. Anyone who comes to power, puts in all possible efforts to make a lifetime opportunity of making the fortune. Movies have played serious roll in degrading the society and culture at large. What is required, is a provision of very stringent punishment for all including ministers through measures like “Lokpal” etc.

To address the local issues like Road quality, person directly responsible for the quality of the road, say municipality officer should face maximum possible stringent penalties starting from minimum of 10 years hard work jail term up to life time imprisonment for dereliction of duty and ignoring the responsibility. During jail term, concerned officer should be made to work on the projects in the capacity of free labour. This will deter them from getting involved in the acts of corruption and they will not combine with politicians in support to make fortune.  Similarly, all Babus should face similar actions of very hard imprisonment even for the smallest offence involving corruption.

I understand that though above scheme will certainly help in eradication of the corruption, there will not be many supporters coming forward as 90 % of INDIANS are corrupt either by indulging in the corrupt practices or they indirectly support it for petty gains.                              

Pradeep, GM, Pyramid Construction
Prime responsiblities is Municipal corportation to check works done by road contractors including technology used, material used, asking for % from the contractors and milibhagat with the politicians.

Municipal corporation is wasting public money without giving returns to public and enjoy for their personal benefit.

Mohan, General Manager, Redwood Interiors
Problem starts with substandard material and old techniqe, the contractor uses because the margins left to him after paying bribes to all the people associated with it which goes up to corrupt politicians.                           

A.Vijayaraman, Addl GM, NTPC
Proper camber and drains adjacent to roads are not provided to drain the rain water. It is one of the main reason for the potholes.                                 

Narender, AGM, AFCONS
QUALITY OF WORKS IS  A BIG QUESTION.                              

Syamal Barman, Team Leader, Aarvee Associates
Reason for Potholes-The different layers of Pavement construction are not done properly resulting in differential settlement. Compaction not done properly-Attitude of all are somehow to get the payment-No one bothers about QUALITY.                          


Santosh Kumar, Civil Engineer, TE
Regarding above subject my point of view is that each and every one responsible for that also public.We are such selfish that never seen other problem.If we want new connection or repair for any utility to home without any hegitation and without giving information to concern department directly excavate the road.Also Municipal corporation having no planning after construction of road they started other utility work like cable laying ,drainage line etc

Sridhar, Manager
1. In India Insurance for Vehicles are strictly followed more than Human Life,
2. Road Tax is collected even before the vehicle is ready to roll,
3. Auto drivers are the assistants for traffic police to make signals,
4. Science : Thar road are inferior to Rubber Roads, because rain water can easily enter the pores & holes of the roads & will damage,
5. Roads are made only before the election & no standards maintained,
6. Rules are only for middle class people                                  

Mahesh, Deputy Manager, Godrej
Road condition is bad due to substandard material & technology used . But its happened due to percentage of commission at every level of transactionfrom from lower to higer.                             

Gadage Balu, mechanical manager, HCC Ltd
mumbai Road condition is very bad due to all of above factors                         

Shailesh, Engineer, Pascal
road conditions should be taken up on priority basis
instead of taking up small roads and bylanes regularly they should consider bigger roads and main roads to improvisation. no need to lay tarmac on residential sectors where park your personal cars.                         

T. L. Das Gupta, former Technical Advisor,  Sambu Construction Co. Ltd. (Korea)
Road construction and maintenance in West Bengal is a classic example of the incompetence and insincerity of all concerned. Take the case of the recently constructed Anwarshah - E.M. Bypass Connector for example. There is no concept of geometrics involved and whoever has been supervising the construction could not care less about lines and levels. Thus even the most basic survey equipments are never seen in use. There are sharp kinks and sudden level differences all along the road as well as on the bridges. The road alignment defies basic engineering and the authorities as well as politicians are apparently oblivious of the traffic hazard caused by the sharp curves, or rather z type blind bends at the western approach to the railway overhead bridge near Jadavpur Thana. Near accidents and minor accidents are daily occurrences in this particular stretch and a major accident is certainly waiting to happen. While Calcutta Police has recently started a drive to educate the public against jay walking, the side pavements that have been constructed on the particular road spending the tax payer's money can't possibly be for pedestrians since there are 120 cm X 120 cm opening all along the structure at every 30 M interval to cater for 37.5 cm X 30 cm drainage gratings for an ineffective drainage system but can very effectively serve as deadly traps for the unwary pedestrians. Thus the concrete structure built all along the road over practically the full length at considerable cost can at best serve as stalls for road side hawkers. Proper drainage being absolutely essential for the life of any road small recesses could have been provided along the upper edges of the curbstones around much smaller opening for placement of pre-cast concrete covers over the gratings to mitigate the problem and that certainly would not require great ingenuity.

As for patch repair of potholes and craters, the practice being adopted is plain eyewash as even a layman can see the futility of the effort and the wastage of the expense being incurred. It is quite evident that there is absolutely no supervision for quality control and there is no requirement to follow any specifications. Supposed to be hot asphalt mix for wearing course is being applied irrespective of the depth of the craters with no one concerned about the temperature of the asphalt mix being laid and that too on wet surface. Not only is there no control over the asphalt temperature, the authorities are apparently not concerned about the bitumen content either. Consequently under the circumstances field test or laboratory tests are redundant. No wonder the asphalt so laid disintegrates within a week as soon as the road gets inundated by the next shower and the cycle continues repeating. One has genuine reason to wonder whether it is merely an issue of lack of technology and modern road construction equipment or a general attitude of indifference on the part of all concerned including the politicians, the municipality engineers and the contractors

Sekhar Kumar, Banerjee Regional Head- East India, Polyroads Pvt. Ltd.
Road construction is being done with old technology, sub standard materials and by compromising the required thickness of crusts. Contractors, supervisors of Municipal Corporations are responsible for this. Corrupt Politicians are giving opportunities to such Contractors.                                

Aparna Kunde-Kowli, Partner, K+A Design Studio
Road construction should be taken up with a private sector-govt partnership. Why government.....because they are answerable to the citizens. The private partner in tandem with an international agency can utilise the funds to procure world-class materials to build roads that are durable.                          

Dr. Madhu Sudan Modak, Head Product Support, Sika India Pvt. Ltd
Road contractors are reparing the pot holes using substandard material in connection with the regulatory authorities. Most funny thing the pot holes appear on the same spot again and again. Remedy is to have a corruption less system.                                   

Pradip Kumar Ray, Professor IIT Kharagpur
Road quality depends on several factors - technology to be used is the main concern. Once a state-of-the-art automated technology with minimum human labour is employed, the problem will be solved. However, such an approach is possible only when all stakeholders act in unison and the decision makers at the top become aware of the importance of such a technology being used in many other countries and act honestly for the purpose.                             
Nawal Agarwal, Owner, Special Steel Supply Centre
road tax increasing day by day and roads are worst day by day due negligencies of municipal corp. corrupt politicians to supply substandared materials by road contractorsroad tax increasing day by day and roads are warst day by day due negligencies of municipal corp. corrupt politicians to supply substandared materials by road contractors.                                   

P.N.Murthy, Partner, Hymatic
Should form neighborhood councils comprising of residents of a particular road or street or elected representatives whose job it would be to monitor their respective areas for potholes , cleanliness , water & electricity supply and all such problematic issues and who should also have the authority to question the local corporators or even the Municipal Commissioner himself .                                    

Pradip Mehta, Partner, Exim Trac
since repair job has to be undertaken by all concerned above they are all collectively responsible.                       

S.Srinivasa, Associate Professor, Rajamahendra College of Engineering
Sir, Once contract is finalized contractor can do what ever the way he wants.                              

Jagdish Krishna, G.M-Business Co-ordination, B 4 Building Publications
Sir, The reasons for pathetic conditions of our roads are due to the following reasons:-

1.  Road Construction & Maintanance standard adopted by Govt. & Local bodies are outdated. It should be redesigned designed for each region, especially for the nodal areas where problems of salinity, Liquification, heavy traffic, costal area,  swampy areas etc.

2.  Modern equipments should put into use and latest technology should be implemented with the Strict Supervision of Expert Engineers.

3.  Periodical In-service training  should be given to the Engineers and Supervisors and Contractors who are consistent in to this field.

4.  A Professional team being deputed for study the reasons for the present conditions of each section of the road in depth and based on their report, an action plan should be framed by the Government whether that portion should be repaired or re-constructed as the case may be and work should be completed in time bound.

5.  An guaranty  should be obtained from the concerned firm who are undertaken the works that, t in the event of any repair for the next 18 months or 24 months or even for 3 years depends on the environment that, it should be repaired by the concerned Contractor or firm without any charges.

6.  Instead of allocation the fund at a time for different roads without conducting any proper study just  for satisfying the Politicians, Total fund should be allocated on priority basis.  This system will eliminate the problems of periodical repairs and can be avoided the complaint from the public.

7.  Depends of the prevailing nature of the area and the  environmental conditions, roads should be made or the existing road should be renovated with R.C.C instead of Bitumen or Asphalt.

8.  Modern Road Construction/Management techniques and concepts should be included in the Curriculum of Civil Engineering as a compulsory Syllabus.

9.  Moral support and  proper recognition should be given to the concerned man power who are talented and proved their ability in this field.

10. Heavy Vehicle Traffic also should be managed as per the carrying capacity of each section of road.

Mohsin F. Marashah, Admin. Manager, Safina Al Najjat Co.
Substandard Material                            

Anil Kumar Choudhary, 
Substandard materials &poor maintenance                                

K. J. Malkan, General Manager, Jai Corp Ltd.

Tridib Mandal, Structural Draughtsman, Indian Oil Tanking Ltd.
system is very bad.govt.employee  allows take money when general fell probleme.                                 

Abdul Haleem, Sr.Engineer-Planning, Mantri Developers pvt Ltd
System itself is corrupt and no proper planning of roads in city for such a huge traffic.                           

Deepakshah, GM-Project
approperty take technology from other country and improve accordingly or give work to out side consultant.                               
Bishwa Nath Das, Retired Chief Engineer, Irrigation Dept, Govt. Of Uttar Pradesh
Technocrats have been ignored by the vote catching system of the Govts (Central and States).Only Administrative and police personals have some say in present Govt set up.Since construction professionals are mostly non-technocrats and they take up the business with the blessings some politician,Technocrats cannot force the quality norms (approved by Indian Standard Institutions)over the contractors mostly for fear of life,because they are not given protection like Politicians,Administrative officers and Police Officers.                             

Ramesh Raja, General Manager, Lighting Solutions LLC
Technology is there, talent is there, capability is there, infra-structure is there, work force is there, raw materials are in abundance, time is there, planning is there, government is there....but only thing that lacks is sincerity in whatever is being done. As long as the thirst to amass wealth by any means prevails over professionalism, not only roads, quality of any project is going to be pathetic. Only a total flush out of the entire system and establishing of totally fresh work force at all Municipal offices + a strong self-less governance can change improve situation.                        

Dev Kumar Godika, Properiotor, Rajasthan Tools & Spares
Tenders for Road construction has poor standards.Then the contractors provide the rates below the estimated cost because of competetion.Once the tender is opeened in favor of any contractor then he has to pay commission to the authorities. May be 20 to 30%
Workmanship is obiously poor and waste of public money.

Since there is no one to check the work and the supervison staff overlooks the construction quality results we experience.                                    

Harish Bedi, Sr. GM, Shree Cement Limited

The adminstartion are award the work, but no one is moniter the job.       



*Respondents comments are made in personal capacity and should not be taken as the view of the company they represent.

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