Apr 11 2018 | India Opportunities

Surat gets digital water management solution

Surat is the country’s diamond capital and textile hub, home to over 5,000 diamond merchants and roughly six lakh power looms that process roughly 20 million meters of fabric every day. It is located on the coast of Gujarat state. The city of Surat will be developed as a Smart City under the Smart Cities Mission. As part of this mission, the City is trying to tackle and bring in robust water management. The aims is to optimise the delivery and consumption of water across the city. The SMC has been trying to reduce water waste and adopt a digital solution to automatically track the consumption in the city, especially across the 1,000 garment mills consuming roughly 90 million liters every day for processes like scouring, cleaning, bleaching, and dyeing. ABB India is enabling the digitalization of the entire water management system of Surat with its GSM (Global System for Mobile communications) enabled AquaMaster flowmeters solution to measure water consumption in real-time. The next level technology will help the Surat Municipal Corporation (SMC), the governing civic authority, study consumption patterns and explore areas of improvement for better water management, moving Surat ahead in its journey to becoming a Smart City.

“Digitally monitoring the consumption of a critical resource like water will help in more equitable distribution and optimize water management for the benefit of the population of Surat city. We are proud to partner and congratulate Surat’s administrators for their vision and actions to adopt our world-class digital flowmeter solution, which will help the city scale up and transition sustainably into a Smart city,” said, Sanjeev Sharma, Managing Director, ABB India.