Oct 31 2017 | India Opportunities

Cable laying works at CNMCH, Kolkata

Government of West Bengal, Public Works Directorate has invited tenders for arrangement of cable laying from new substation to each bldg as dual source of power supply in respect of alternative back up power arrangement as well as replacement of the existing old cable(emergency feeder) from old sub station near admin bldg and renovation modification and alteration of existing old panel board incl rearrangement of interconnection of existing old substation at CNMCH Kolkata. Replacement of rising busbar at RRMB bldg. Bids will be opened on 10th November, 2017.

Interested parties can contact:
Office of the Executive Engineer,
Central Kolkata Health, Electrical Division,
P.W.Dte. P-12, C.I.T Road(1st floor),
T: 033-2264-6001, 22646004.