Jan 22 2018 | Press Release

ONGC gets Zero Waste Accreditation from MCGM

MCGM (Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai)  has certified ONGC NBP Green Heights as Zero Waste building, based on the audit carried out by its team of experts to ascertain if the systems installed are being maintained as per the design and specifications. As a step towards supporting Swachch Bharat campaign, the above said building NBP Green Heights had been efficiently segregating and processing its solid and liquid waste since inception in 2015. The system of segregating the waste and treating it through various techniques like STP, OWC, classified Waste bins, etc. ensures that every single drop of liquid or solid waste is processed as per the municipal Solid waste management rule 2016. There is no liquid discharge/disposal from the building to the municipal drainage system. The building also uses liquid waste generated in washrooms and pantries after treatment in STP (cap. 110 kl/day) for flushing HVAC makeup and gardening. This results in annual savings of Rs. 2.5 lakh. Water collected from rainwater harvesting pits also used for HVAC makeup. Tree leaves and other garden waste is used for preparing manure in the Organic Waste Composter (OWC). A green building would show tremendous concern on efficient utilization of resources, thereby reducing the impact on environment.