Sep 1 2015 | Industry Zone

Kalidas Bhangare, Managing Director, Testo India Pvt Ltd

With momentum on developing industrial corridors and smart cities, the government aims to ensure holistic development of the nation. The corridors would further assist in integrating, monitoring and developing a conducive environment for the industrial development and will promote advance practices in manufacturing. However, India is an attractive hub for foreign investments in manufacturing sector which can be seen as a great opportunity for the Indian manufacturing industries.

Kalidas Bhangare, Managing Director, Testo India Pvt Ltd shares his views with Sandeep Sharma about core competencies of Testo India, range of testing and measuring instruments, emerging trends and technologies, manufacturing base, application of Flue Gas Analyser, power industry response to thermal imager, size and market share and energy efficiency measures. Edited Excerpts´

Could you tell us in brief about your company and core competencies?
Testo India Pvt. Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of Testo AG. Testo AG, headquartered at Lenzkrich, in the Black Forest region of Germany, is a world leader in design, development and manufacturing of portable test and measuring electronic instruments. Backed by more than 58 years of measurement engineering experience, Testo as a group, has more than 2500 employees, 30 subsidiaries and more than 80 representatives worldwide. Its state of the art manufacturing facility and an extensive R&D unit is located in Germany in the Black Forest.

Testo India Pvt Ltd was established in 2006 with its India head office located in Pune. The head office also holds a state-of-the-art service and calibration facility accredited by Germany. We have our home offices located in 13 other cities while our channel partners´ network spans across the country.

Testo´s product basket consists of Portable Measuring Instruments & Systems, Thermal Imagers, Portable Flue Gas Analyzers, Data Loggers and Wireless Data Monitoring System and Compressed Air Solutions.

Strong R&D and German engineering is the backbone of our products and it explains Testo´s undisputed leadership in measurement technology worldwide.

You are one of the lead players in the testing & measuring instruments space. Could you provide us an insight about your range of testing & measuring instruments, technical superiority, product features and client preferences?
Today, Testo India has established its identity in the Indian markets not only as one of the leaders in testing & measuring instruments but also as a preferred brand for reliable and high quality assuring measurement technology. We are always committed to provide best services to our customers, not only in India but also in Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.

Testo India offers an extensive product range that includes:

  • Portable Measuring Instruments & Systems for: Temperature, Humidity, Dew point, Pressure, Air velocity, RPM, Sound and Light
  • Compressed Air Solutions like Compressed Air Flow Meters for checking compressed air consumption and Dew Point Transmitters for ensuring dry air
  • Data Loggers and Wireless Data Monitoring System
  • Portable Flue Gas Analyzers for Combustion and Emission Analysis
  • Thermal Imagers for Predictive and Preventive Maintenance

Testo´s top preference is to understand the customer requirements and thus, Testo´s pivotal task is to pay constant attention to the new technologies which makes innovation as our highest priority.

What are the emerging trends and technologies in the measurement technology space?
Measurement technology is penetrating deeper into different industries. Testo with its wide range of measuring instruments and discrete applications has touched every other sector ´ be it food & beverages, pharma, steel & cement, HVAC, automobile or any other processing & manufacturing industry.

With more industry standards and compliance norms in place, we see an increase in the need of test and measuring instruments. Industries, today, are more willing to invest in measurement technology to move towards quality. It is now more focused on optimizing its processes effectively, using its resources and turning savings into profits. The revolution of safer and more quality processes across different industry verticals will receive further impetus in the coming years. At the same time, instruments helping in energy conservation are soon expected to become the need of the hour.

Could you share with us details about your manufacturing base, capacity and production process?
Testo´s state of the art manufacturing facility and an extensive R&D unit is located in Germany in Black Forest. Most of the products are manufactured in Germany under high quality standards. German engineering allows no leeway to quality assurance. They are manufactured in compliance with different industry standards. Some of our products are TUV approved while we also comply with different EN standards in addition to others.

We also do offer certified calibration according to all valid guidelines. The calibrations take place at Testo´s own accredited high-tech laboratory at our facility in Pune.

Could you throw some light on the application of Flue Gas Analyzer and its advantages?
The flue gases arising from the combustion contain CO2, oxides of Nitrogen & Sulphur and soot particles, amongst other things. These pollute the environment, have a negative effect on the climate and create numerous health risks for human beings. That´s why, it is absolutely essential to design combustion processes in a more efficient way, to optimise the combustion and above all to reduce emissions.

With Testo´s combustion analyzers, you can optimise combustion efficiency, reduce fuel consumption and save costs. Testo emission analyzers help you to abide by the emission standards in terms of compliance with statutory emission limit values and in optimising combustion efficiency in manufacturing processes

How is the response from the power industry to your Thermal camera product?
Preventing costly failures and malfunctions is extremely important in the field of power generation and energy distribution in particular. Thermal camera from Testo enables you to detect and analyse thermal irregularities efficiently and safely.

In-depth inspection of large solar and wind power plants is essential in order to be able to operate these systems with optimum efficiency. Thermal irregularities can be detected quickly and efficiently using thermal imagers.

Similarly, in wind farms both the mechanical components, such as gears or bearings, and the electrical components can be checked simply and reliably´ under load!

Testo thermal imagers maintain the integrity of electrical and mechanical components as part of this preventive maintenance Testo thermal imagers facilitate evaluation of the heat status of low, medium and high-voltage systems. Thermal images lead to the early detection of defective components or connections, so that the required preventive measures can be introduced in a targeted fashion.

It is absolutely essential to prevent power transmission systems from malfunctioning due to its far-reaching consequences. Faulty connections on high-voltage masts, switchyards for example, can be critical. Use thermal camera from Testo to detect thermal anomalies in before they become a problem.

Energy distributor malfunctions or failures can pose a serious risk to the security of supply. Increased temperature due to increase in resistance on the high-voltage lines in power transmission systems causes wear, material fatigue or cable breakages. With thermal imagers, early detection of these anomalies is possible which in turn, helps to prevent damage to components and the threat of power failures in high-voltage systems. You can check out temperature increases without any contact and from a safe distance: without putting yourself at risk and without having to switch off these high-voltage systems.

Apart from Power sector, which are the other verticals targeted for thermography?
Every day, maintenance personnel struggle to minimise downtimes, prevent damage to mechanical and electrical components and ensure availability of production facilities or systems. Thermal imager using infrared radiation technology detects concealed defects and anomalies in the electrical installations before they turn into proper malfunctions and endanger system availability.

In electrical installations, thermographic measurement methods are possible at all voltage levels. This means that entire switch cabinets, not to mention medium, high and ultra-high voltage installations, can be inspected efficiently and in compliance with the necessary safety clearance.

Carrying out thermographic inspection for just a second time reduces a system´s rate of failure by 80 % and provides an added safeguard against fire.

Thermography can be used to monitor even difficult-to-access areas safely and accurately. This increases occupational safety and allows inspections which were previously only possible through say´by shutting down machines or disconnecting electrical installations. On-site service engineer can detect and eliminate sources of error at the very moment they crop up and thus save a lot of cost. To sum up, thermal imaging ensures reliability of systems, safety of personnel and saves a lot on time, efforts, energy and cost.

Who are your major clientele and which are the prestigious projects you have been associated with?
You name it. We cater it. Testo India has entered into almost every industry with its products which are meant for measuring various parameters like, temperature, humidity, pressure, velocity, to name a few. Today, we are proud to be associated with some of the biggest companies in India providing solutions for their different applications. Almost every big industry whether it´s power, cement or energy, use testo emission analysers 340 or 350. Likewise, testo high-end thermal imagers testo 885 or 890 are being used by some of the biggest companies in the field of Power for preventive and predictive maintenance.

Furthermore, industries as diverse as food, pharma and health care which deal into sensitive goods that need high level of precision and controlled climate has encouraged Testo to enter rigorously in these industries as well with our latest technological solutions like transport data loggers testo 184 series and Wi-Fi data loggers Saveris 2. As a result, today we are associated with some of the largest pharma companies in India.

Other than these industries, almost every other industry has also been reached by Testo India with some or the other product from our extensive range of products.

Are you planning any capacity expansion or a Greenfield unit in India?
As I already aforementioned, we have a state of the art manufacturing facility and an extensive R&D unit is located in Black Forest, Germany. Most of our products are manufactured in Germany only under high quality standards in compliance with different industry standards.

Testo India with its Head Office in Pune is a sales and marketing subsidiary and presently our focus is penetrating all the potential markets in India which are untapped or are penetrated at a very shallow level.

We plan to extend our arms to all possible regions, industries and applications in the upcoming years. And the new products from Testo which are planned to be launched in the next few years surely give us the confidence to work towards achieving our goals.

Having said that, as I already stated before, we have Testo´s own accredited high-tech laboratory at our facility in Pune so that the instruments can be calibrated & serviced locally maintaining international standards.

What can be the size of the testing & measurement industry in India? And what´s your market share?
The penetration of measurement technology is getting deeper into all possible industries and with such a wide range of measuring instruments with ample of applications, Testo has now touched every other sector ´ be it food & beverages, pharma, steel & cement, HVAC, automobile or any other processing & manufacturing industry. Testo´s portable instruments are available for measuring parameters like temperature, humidity, dew point, pressure, air velocity, RPM, sound and light.

In addition, our compressed air solutions serves you best for checking compressed air consumption and ensuring dry air. Our data logging and monitoring systems help in monitoring all crucial parameters like temperature, humidity, etc for stationary as well as moving goods. Testo flue gas analyzers are meant for all industries for combustion and emission analysis which help them abide by the government compliances. Last but definitely not the least our thermal imagers are ideal for predictive and preventive maintenance which help industries save on their energy and cost.

Testo is recognized as the leading worldwide manufacturer of portable combustion efficiency analyzers. Recently four renowned expert committees- the business consultants Frost & Sullivan, the Fraunhofer Institute and the photovoltaics trade magazines Photon & Photon - International have now confirmed: our thermal imagers testo 885 and testo 876 and the testo Super Resolution technology, are among the best in the world.

Some of the largest plants in India are using our flue gas analysers and thermal imagers. In addition, some of the biggest pharma units in India have Saveris - Testo´s data monitoring system installed.

How was the FY2014-15 in terms of products launched, business generated, growth achieved in both domestic and international markets?
FY 2014-15 marked a good time for the expansion of Testo product basket since we had quite a few new product launches like testo 184 data logger series for transport which is meant for climate monitoring during transport of sensitive goods. Another new launch in the field of data logging and monitoring system was testo Saveris2, the Wi-Fi data loggers which provides accessibility to your measurement data from anywhere at any point of time using its cloud based system.

Along with the new launches there were few uplift product launches as well, like our proven testo 270 cooking oil tester with better safety features along with the refrigeration manifolds from testo like 549, 550, 557 with integrated apps for easy data accessibility.

Testo in Europe is already classified as a leader in the field of testing & measuring instruments, whereas in an emerging market like India, Testo has taken a leap from small sized subsidiary to a mid- sized subsidiary within a very short span of time and is rigorously growing to enter into the big subsidiaries domain. The recent products that Testo has come up with, has shown enormous potential in both the markets and we expect a great way ahead with lots of new launches lined up for the upcoming years.

On the energy efficiency front, what products does testo have which contribute to energy conservation?
Energy efficiency is the new ´Big term´ these days. All the organisations are working towards providing energy efficient solutions to their customers. Testo understands the need of the hour and are already equipped for the same. Our products like compressed air counter testo 6441 and dewpoint transmitter testo 6743 aid in energy saving by monitoring the compressed air consumption and in turn help in ensuring compressed air quality. Likewise, our multifunction measuring instruments testo 435 & testo 480 facilitate energy saving in HVAC by minimising energy losses.

Testo thermal imaging cameras, now confirmed as one of world´s best, are your ideal partner for efficient preventive and predictive maintenance - be it mechanical or electrical which helps in saving time, energy and eventually cost.

Government of India plans to set up number of manufacturing hubs across India. What are the challenges and opportunities before industries in India?
With momentum on developing industrial corridors and smart cities, the government aims to ensure holistic development of the nation. The corridors would further assist in integrating, monitoring and developing a conducive environment for the industrial development and will promote advance practices in manufacturing. However, India is an attractive hub for foreign investments in manufacturing sector which can be seen as a great opportunity for the Indian manufacturing industries. As we all know every opportunity comes with a challenge, there will also be challenges like infrastructure, delay in government permissions, red tapes, etc prevailing in India, which need to be tackled smartly by government and organisations both.

Going forward, what are your immediate and long term plans for expansion in India and abroad?
India is termed as an emerging market and the numbers are only growing. In a very short span of time from its inception, Testo India grew from a small-sized subsidiary to a mid-sized one and is on its way ahead to further increase its sales turnover exponentially. So, we hope to offer many technologically advanced products in the near future which will help Testo touch the new zenith of technology!